What inspires me and how I create?

My art is the expression of experience and expansion, sparked by a moment of wonder at the age of five. As I walked past oil paintings in a gallery, I witnessed static images come alive, animated by my movement and the light. The memory stayed with me as I began to appreciate life's mysterious, wondrous nature, and ways that perception creates the inner world.

At the core of my artistic pursuit lies a profound inquiry: What is the essence of this world of perceptions? This question drives both my life and my art, compelling me to delve deep into the formlessness within form, accessing the stillness and eternity available in an instant of observation and devotion.

My artistic process is joyful and flows through my being. Each piece is an invitation for viewers to join me on a voyage into the essence of life's beauty and simplicity. Inspired by organic forms, my work reflects the harmony and chaos, the ephemeral beauty, and the relentless change found in the environment and nature. I often use dark red as a primer, then add many thin, creamy layers of oil paint that merge with the canvas and blur the lines between colors. I aim for harmony and smoothness that resembles my experience of tranquility and spaciousness. I celebrate moments of wonder and awe at the miraculous sense of being alive.

The paintings are portals into realms that transcend the boundaries of ordinary existence, transporting viewers to dimensions beyond the physical. Through my work, I intend to evoke a sense of contemplation, inviting all to embark on a voyage of the mind and spirit. As an artist, I am driven by a passion for realizing a world of embodied compassion and peace. I believe that art possesses the remarkable power to serve as a gateway to states of consciousness that show the way to serenity, enabling us to explore the uncharted territories of our inner worlds.

It is my desire that my work liberates you from the constraints of reality because each brushstroke is a deliberate step into the unknown, a bridge to alternate dimensions, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the mind is free to roam.