Artist Statement

My work expresses the expansive, timeless experience of meditative mind states. Atmospheric and sensual, mysterious and organic, the paintings are glimpses into how deep transformational qualities of life become visible in the form of paint and canvas, light and shadow. 

The paintings can instill calm presence, stir imagination, and move emotions. I desire viewers to access their inner resources of serenity, joy, and expansion. 

Painting involves a profound connection to the materials and an intuitive approach to color and light, allowing the impermanence of perception to become visible in multiple, subtle transitions from one color to another.

Standing at the blank canvas, I simply begin with a stroke and that becomes another and the flow of colors and shapes become a composition.  I imagine that the canvas stretches deep into the space beyond its physical limits.

Through impulse and chance, balanced by composition, the painting evolves until it reaches a state of dynamic stability.